Wednesday, October 27, 2004

HBE 10/25/04

playlist for Hectic But Eclectic (Mondays 6:00-8:00 P.M. Central on 10/25/04

Zapp & Roger-More Ounce To The Bounce
Cake-No Phone
Ratatat-Germany To Germany
Ghost Town DJ's-My Boo
Fanny Pack-System Boomin'
Hangar 18-Blown Bubble
Chingon-Malaguena Salerosa
Handsome Boy Modeling School-A Day In The Life
Q And Not U-Wonderful People
Mooney Suzuki-Alive And Amplified
Go Home Productions-Justin Loves Blondes
Ms. Dynamite-Brother
(click here to see the video)
Radiohead-Let Down
Apples In Stereo-The Rainbow
Brian Wilson-Cabin Essence
Kanye West-Jesus Walks
Aaliyah-I Can Be
Frankie Valli-Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
Madonna-Deeper And Deeper
Basement Jaxx-Red Alert
The Police-Roxanne
Polyphonic Spree-We Sound Amazed/A Long Day Continues

The artist I've decided to highlight for this week are the Mooney Suzuki. They're a band out of New York who are known for cranking out hot, sexy and gritty rock 'n roll ditties, but their latest album, Alive And Amplified, has them singing a different tune. When their 2002 album, Electric Sweat, was released, the Mooney Suzuki were instantly lumped in with the rest of the new wave of garage rock bands that were making a scene at the time (y'know, folks likeThe Strokes, The Hives, blah blah blah...). In effort to further distance themselves from that sub-genre, the usually sweaty and lascivious Mooney Suzuki hooked up with the chart-topping songwriting/production trio, The Matrix, the same folks behind Avril Lavigne's first album and a few joints off the latest Liz Phair. The results are some of the most glossiest and sugary pop rock that you're likely to hear all year. The Mooney Suzuki have channeled the spirits of 70's AM radio to make a fun record that has everyone crying sellout. Too many of the reviews I have read for this album complain about how their sound has changed, but very few talk about the merits of the music. I'm sure those who were major fans of the Mooney Suzuki before must have been really upset at the direction that they are going in, but all I is ask is for anyone to approach this record with a clean slate and observe the music the Suzuki are making now, not what they were doing two years ago.

Mooney Suzuki-Alive And Amplified
Mooney Suzuki-Legal High

To buy the album, click

And if you haven't noticed, I've also posted the video for M.IA.'s "Galang" as well. All of the artwork in the video is her own, but I hope she doesn't take the same credit for the choreography as well. The song is definite hotness, but I think she could stand to learn a new dance move or two.

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