Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hot damn...

Oh. My. What an amazing show this is. I can't get enough of it. J.J. Abrams, the creator of Felicity and Alias (two shows that I love also) has done it again. For those who don't know, Lost is one of the hottest new shows on network TV this fall, and it comes on Wednesdays on ABC at 8/7C. It's about the survivors of a plane crash stuck on a island that appears to be deserted, but one mysterious badass creature (Let's just say that "Lost" is one show that J.J. Abrams mainstay, Greg Grunberg, will not have a recurring role in) let's them know from time to time that they're not alone. But the cool thing about the show is that it's not strictly sci-fi, but really delves deep into how such a traumatic event has effected all these people. Abrams is a master at developing rich and complex characters and plots that engage the viewer, and he has a bundle of them to choose from with over 10 regulars on the show. For instance, I love the little subtle details that appear in one episode, but aren't explained until several episodes down the line. For example, in the series premiere, Locke (played by Terry O' Quinn, who appears to be another Abrams favorite) was the only one whose face resembled anything close to a smile during all the chaos of the plane crash that was surrounding him as he walked around. So I'm thinking, "Okay, this guy is nuts. Why is he grinning?" In a flashback during last night's episode, it was explained that Mr. Locke was confined to a wheelchair and couldn't walk at all, but somehow, mysteriously after the plane crash, he was able to walk, which I'm sure brought much elation to him. Stuff like that I just love. Lost has it all. Intensity. Drama. Intelligence. It's easily J.J. Abrams most accessible show (the show regularly wins its timeslot, something Alias and Felicity could never do), but only time will tell if it will be its greatest. I must admit that I am worried if the whole concept of Lost will still be intriguing around season 3 or 4, but for now, I'm gonna enjoy the thrill while it lasts.

Here is the show's official website on ABC:

And if you want to check out any summaries of the show so that you can catch up on it, check them out at one of the greatest websites for TV junkies like me,

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