Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Singles Round-up For October 2004

This is the first Singles Round-up for Hectic But Eclectic, which in true HBE fashion is several days late. Hopefully, October isn't too far of a distant memory.

Destiny's Child-Lose My Breath
You know this track means serious business right from the very beginning. Those killer synth stabs. That pounding drum track. Beyonce panting and moaning. Single of the year, right? Great production, but no hook. (Rating on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and blah blah blah: 6)

Eminem-Just Lose It
I like the video more than the song. Brings nothing new to the Slim Shady persona (5)

Jacki-O F/ Ying Yang Twins-Fine (pictured above)
Your favorite stripper's new favorite song. (9)

Bjork-Who Is It?
One of the more beautiful tracks from Medulla. Must be heard immediately. (9)

Dizzee Rascal-Dream
Gets recognition for being one of the few songs where you can understand what Dizzee is saying. Sampling children's voices are so '98, but damn if they're not effective. (8)

Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz-What U Gon Do?
Pounds on you with all its weight, crushing your limbs and eardrums, until you're forced to fight back, throw dem 'bows and get crunk in this bitch. (8)

Snoop Dogg F/ Pharrell-Drop It Like It's Hot
Am I the only who notices the video's resemblance to the video for the "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)"? Very nice to see the Neptunes come back with some fire after a very lackluster year. (9)

Gwen Stefani-What You Waiting For?
Your album Gwen, after hearing this glamorous piece of vivacious electro-pop. (9)

Chingy-Balla Baby
Gets credit for being less annoying than "Right Thurr". Good job there Chingster! (7)

Modest Mouse-Ocean Breathes Salty
That's right modern rock radio. Don't run towards the light. You've still got some fight left in you. More catchy songs like this will help you to recuperate faster. (8)

Nelly F/ Christina Aguilera-Tilt Ya Head Back
Don't hate just because it's Xtina and Nelly. You know you're digging that "Superfly" sample. (8)

Trick Daddy F/ Twista & Lil' Jon-Let's Go
No one is doubting this song's energy (which "Let's Go" has tons of), but there isn't enough here to make me willingingly seek out this song for repeat listens. (6)

Guerilla Black-Compton
How could anyone say this guy sounds like Biggie? He isn't half as funny. (7)

Usher F/ Alicia Keys-My Boo
Huh? You're gonna follow up "Confessions (Part II)" with this piece of shit? Boo yourself, Mr. Raymond. (4)

R. Kelly/Jay-Z-Big Chips
Was anyone here even trying to achieve something more than just a typical club song? Kels and Jigga completely phone this one in. You'll be struggling to remember the name of this song in a week. (4)

John Legend-Used To Love You
Very refreshing and smooth. The hook man for Slum Village's "Selfish" shows he can do the damn thing on his own. (8)

Utada-Easy Breezy
This doesn't sound like anything else on her album, but it's definitely the catchiest thing on there. Her voice will either make it or break it for you. It's making it for me (9)

Mannie Fresh-Real Big
The best song to come outta Cash Money in years. This is what Cash Money used to be about. Big ass beats. Big ass rims. Big asses. They still haven't changed their motto, but their recent stuff hasn't been as good as their late-90's output. "Real Big" has a helluva monster beat that will have your car speakers begging for mercy and contemplating suicide. P.S. Mannie's skills on the mic are starting to grow on me. Please don't tell anyone. (blushes)

Kelis F/ Andre 3000-Millionaire
Simply gorgeous. One beauty of a Prince imitation. (10)

Kylie Minogue-I Believe In You
Kylie plus the Scissor Sisters. If that equation doesn't appeal to you, we need sit down and talk, dear. (8)

Mase-Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Sounds like someone couldn't afford the Neptunes, so they had someone role play as them. But who cares, if it's hot, it's hot. (7)

Wow, this song has been around forever. I could probably listen to it forever as well. Feelin' good, feelin' great, indeed.(10)

Kanye West-The New Workout Plan
Thanks to Kanye's Workout Plan/All the girls think that I'm the man/I dance to this, they go "hot damn"/The Workout Plan is my new jam. (9)

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