Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Adventures at Intonation

Yeah, I'm already a day late with this whole Intonation recap thing, but something must be said, no? I'll have pictures up at a later time when I get them developed. Even though they're probably gonna be crap pictures since they were taken on a disposable, they will still be shared with all you lovely people, nonetheless. I still don't think that I've fully recovered from the fest, y'know, after standing on my feet for about a total of 18 hours over the course of two days. Luckily, the fest was amazing enough to numb any pain that I would soon feel.

Saturday, June 24

I get to the park a little before 1PM with plenty of time to spare to see the first act, Favourite Sons. Only thing is, my name isn't on the guest list, so I was told that I might be on the VIP list, which includes all access and a sandwich. That's right, a sandwich y'all. I'm living the good life now for sure is what I was thinking. Of course I wasn't on the VIP list, which sucked because not only do I not receive a sandwich, but I had to walk all the way around Union Park just to get there, and I have to walk another lengthy distance to get back to the front gate. I frantically call my contact at Vice who was mad busy at the time trying to figure out what was going on. All I got was the voicemail, which was expected, since c'mon now people, they're working for the people who are curating and helping to run the fest. Anyways, as it turns out, the will call booth didn't have the Vice guest list, so I was able to get in once I name dropped my contact. If it hadn't been for the runaround, I would have been able to see Favourite Sons. I walked into one of my DJs who was there and he told me they suck. I trust his taste, so take it however you want to. I let up my black umbrella for shade and proceeded to enjoy the day.

Erase Errata

I walked in on the middle of their set and I was impressed from what I heard. Good enough to start the day off and get your foot tapping.

90 Day Men

Nice melodic background music. I would be very interested to hear what they sound like in the studio, but I really kept tuning out through all their Sigur Ros lite instrumentals.

Devin The Dude

Finally, the first act on today's bill that I'm looking forward to seeing. Devin brought multiple lols as expected, but his music isn't really suited for such an expansive venue. His demeanor and his tracks are so laid back that I can't imagine how the translation would be to someone who was halfway across the field (I was right in front of the stage). He did his verse from "Fuck You" which got everybody rockin', and I left a few songs after that to get a good view for Jose Gonzalez.

Jose Gonzalez

Oh man, what a lovely set. Guy+acoustic guitar usually = zzzzz because it's so hard to sustain interest with no accompaniment, but judging from Veneer, I knew he could pull it off. The crowd surprisingly cheered when he started playing "Heartbeats." I had no idea there were so many Knife fans in Chicago. Or maybe they just really like Jose's take on it since he makes it sound really really pretty.

Monday, June 19, 2006

You can't tell nobody. I'm talkin' 'bout nobody.

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Summer school doesn't allow for any free time. Anyways, thought you guys should be made aware of The Gossip's cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody." Of course, nothing could ever compare to the original, but I like this slow, leering, kinky take on it. Go download it at www.myspace.com/gossipband .