Saturday, June 06, 2015

An early preview of the 2016 Grammys

In what's become an annual pre-summer tradition here at Hectic But Eclectic, I've decided to try my hand at guessing who will be nominated in the general field at the Grammys. The 58th Grammy Awards won't be handed out until next year and nominations will be announced later on in 2015, but we've already been through most of the eligibility period, which means we've already heard a lot of the likely nominees. I will of course share my final predictions in December, so check back in for that.

Album of the Year

1. Taylor Swift - 1989
What's in its favor: She's practically guaranteed an AOTY nod at this point in her career as long as she can deliver a few hits and change her sound with each release. Swift is also the only artist who can be counted on to sell a million in a week, which makes her appealing to have in the biggest category of the night.
What might work against it: Absolutely nothing.

2. Alabama Shakes - Sound and Color
What's in its favor: They're former Best New Artist nominees and it wouldn't hurt the NARAS' credibility to nominate them. A lot of strides have been made to include rock acts that break away from previous mainstream sounds here and they fit the bill best so far this year. Include a #1 album and a great reputation as a live act among their credentials and the blue ribbon panel that picks nominees for the general field will have a hard time saying no.
What might work against it: Despite all the good reviews, they're lacking a song the casual listener can identify them with.

3. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
What's in its favor: It's a topically relevant album with the year's best reviews and has sold very well. He's also another former Best New Artist nominee that has lived up to their potential.
What might work against it: All the critical acclaim may not matter if it fails to land a single within the top 40 this year.