Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Shows of 2007-08 Season

You know what I hate? When it's year-end list time and all the publications list their top television programs of the year. It has always frustrated me because half of the programs on these lists have seasons that are still in progress and they are therefore being judged on only half of the episodes. I understand how empty it would be to not include television shows when it's year-end time, but why don't people ever wait until the season is over and then come up with a list? As a lifelong TV addict, the season ends in May, not late December for me. With the upcoming Emmy nominations, now is a good time as ever to look at the best shows of the 2007-08 season (I counted shows that started and completed within June 2007 thru May 2008). Looking at my list, I can't help but wonder how different it would have been if it hadn't been for the strike. Heroes, which slumped for most of its second season, finally started to find its footing with the last three or four episodes. At that pace, it could have easily reached the heights of its debut season. And who knows? Shows like Reaper could have been bumped up a few extra spots with a full 22 episode season and the pieces were definitely set in place for Bionic Woman to become compelling. If the season hadn't been cut short, it could have eventually hit its stride, but a little thing like a strike could never stop me from making a list.

20. Celebrity Rehab (VH-1)
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world's greatest trainwreck captured on tape. I will give credit to A&E's Intervention for being the classier show, but there's an added sense of intrigue when looking into the not so fabulous lives of celebrities after the cameras go off. This is a side of them that we've never seen before and is unexplored terrain in the vastly diminishing land of ideas in reality television.

Ten Years Gone: Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty

This entry is part of an ongoing series in where I take a look back at landmark films and albums released 10 years ago.

You usually have to wait an eternity between Beastie Boys albums. Nowadays if you wait more than three years between albums, that's usually it for your career unless you have a Mariah-sized fanbase that will never go away. While the Beasties have had their fair share of success, they've never been at a Mariah level in terms of popularity, yet after a decade-plus in the industry, their albums still debut at #1.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monthly Muxtape: July 2008

So I've hopped aboard the muxtape bandwagon. I will still post mp3s on here though. I often come across some songs that I really like, but they're only the first or second song that an artist has done. I don't want to contribute to the way a new act gets overhyped on the Internet based on a few recordings, but I still want to share good music. Doing a monthly muxtape allows me to put the spotlight on those up-and-comers without having to do an entire entry of me salivating over someone who has yet to even release an EP. And there are also a ton of individual tracks that I come across that I may not have the time to post about as well. It's all win-win.


1. Ebony Bones - "We Know All About You"

I don't think I've anticipated an artist's full-length this much after two songs since M.I.A. first came on the scene. This apocalyptic post-punk track would sound right at home in a DJ set mixed in between Siouxsie and The Banshees and ESG, but there isn't a sense of revival just for the sake of revival. This is a track whose influences are obvious and doesn't use them to coast.