Thursday, July 17, 2014

#classicalbumtweets: The Score

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Go Home Productions - "Prototype (USSR) (The Beatles vs. Outkast)"

Mark Vidler, AKA Go Home Productions, has been in the mash-up game for so long that he's pretty much outgrown the genre that had its boon in the early 2000s. What I've always loved about his work is how he forgoes the novelty factor that can be so tempting in mash-ups in exchange for something with more depth and emotion. Not to say that his stuff can't reach joy-inducing heights, but the appeal lies in more than just the comfort that comes with the familiarity of certain songs, but in the execution of it all. It's all so fluid that once you've gotten over the initial curiosity of songs from two separate genres being mixed together, it holds as something that could organically come about in a world where time machines existed. "Prototype (USSR)", which combines Outkast and The Beatles is another great example of how Go Home Productions operates, turning Paul McCartney's vocals--vocals which are forever associated with a rollicking background--into something refreshing and surprisingly tender with the help of "Prototype"'s syrupy funk. McCartney's cadence fits into a sort of double-time delivery that has been the norm in R&B for the past 15 years, providing us with something that's unquestionably modern with the most traditional of parts.

Go Home Productions: Prototype (USSR) (The... by gohomeproductions

You can download Go Home Productions' latest album, Spliced Krispies Vol. 2 from his website and also check out the videos for each song on his YouTube account.