Friday, January 14, 2005


Oh, I've waited 8 long months to hear the infamous ticking of that clock. One of the greatest shows on television returned this past week in prime form and some of its highest ratings ever. The suspense and the twists never let up on this show, which is why I love it so much. The first four hours have had their fair share, which leads me to put early money on season 4 being the best season of "24" since its first. The action will always be there, but this season has made several great additions to the cast. The most surprising is Aisha Tyler, who's only done comedy previously, but is showcasing a dramatic that could have never saw coming from her days at Talk Soup (then again, Greg Kinnear did start out on that show too). Nester Serrano (the patriarch of the Araz family, Navi) and William Devane (Secretary Heller) among others have helped to get this season off to a great start, but far and away, Shoreh Aghdashloo of House Of Sand And Fog fame has done an amazing job as Dina Araz. Every manipulative glare of hers has given me chills nearly every time. Not to mention how well she maintains an evil side while still seeming like a normal, caring mother. She's headed for an Emmy nomination, I tells ya. HBE broke the news here first! Now if they can just ease off the ridiculous subplots that have plagued seasons past (cougars? Chase's baby at CTU?), 24 is shaping up to have a perfect season.

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