Sunday, March 12, 2006

Jan. & Feb. Singles Round-up

Okay, it's been a crazy long time since I've done one of these, but I've been trying to get more and more in the spirit of updating this blog more often (two posts in two months! like lightning I am). So here goes, and hopefully by the time May rolls around I'll have more posts and I'll do another one of these

Fiona Apple-Not About Love
The Extraordinary Machine has quickly become the queen of capturing beauty and heartache all in one song. The Jon Brion version would be a 10 for me, but the Elizondo version still warrants a strong (9)

Beyonce F/ Slim Thug & Bun B. -Check On It
So it looks as if Swizz Beats finally managed to update his synth horror sound that brought him fame in the late 90's and turn it into a success. One of his better productions in recent memory and the way Beyonce coos over the track makes it even more dreamier.

Black Eyed Peas F/ Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo & John Legend-Like That
Party like it's 1993! But getting serious for a moment, I can't remember being this much in love and surprised by a BEP song in ages. Is it because of the guest appearances or the lack of Fergie?

Bow Wow F/ Mike Jones-Fresh Azimiz (Remix)
The keyboards have a very David Banner-ish progression. As for Bow Wow, I'm not sure he isn't that different from Nick Cannon. (6)

Bubba Sparxxxx-Ms. New Booty
The beat comes on. You think it's a new Ying Yang Twins joint, but Bubba's voice says otherwise. You haven't heard Bubba spit on a club track in a long time. This makes you smile. And then, your body freezes in mid-thrust while you're dancing as soon as you hear some of the most fucking annoying, useless, grating, idiotic shouting that you've ever heard on a party song. The chorus is akin to farting during sex.

Busta Rhymes-Touch It
If a club could be banged any more harder than this, you would think there was a terrorist attack after you viewed the aftermath.

D4L-Betcha Can't
When they don't make annoying candy references, these guys aren't that bad. So not about the lyrics with these guys, it's about the groove.

Goldfrapp-Ride A White Horse
The Queen and King of dark electro pop continue to kick out the jams. This single goes along with the more atmospheric feel of Supernature as compared to Black Cherry.

Quasi R&B track in which Juvy auditions for the role of your perverted drunken uncle. (7)

Jzabehl-Naughty Boys
If I had a choice between this song or whatever Pussycat Dolls song that's on the radio, I'd probably blow my fucking brains out. (3)

Kaiser Chiefs-Na Na Na Na Na
Wears out its welcome quick after a few spins. You may think that you're listening to a good song, but be honest, you were probably pre-occupied with something else at the time, weren't you?

The Like-June Gloom
The breakdown during the chorus was one of the most gorgeous things I heard all last year. If this doesn't make their album a hit, then nothing else will.

Tha Liks-The Flute Song (LaLaLa)
Don't worry. They still got it. (8)

Euphoric. Scorching. Pulsing. We forgive you, baby.

Matisyahu-King Without A Crown
OMG! He'z Jewish and he singz reggae! So rad!

Morningwood-Nth Degree
I don't care if it's considered faux-indie or whatever you wanna call it, catchy is as catchy does. (7)

Ne-Yo-So Sick
Dude, you really should have kept "Let Me Love You" to yourself.

Nelly F/ Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp-Grillz
Paul Wall compares his mouth to a disco ball for the approximately 215th time, but JD's solid production and the hook are here to save the day. (7)

Pink-Stupid Girls
Pretty pedestrian musically for Pink, but I can always take comfort in the fact that she more than likely always have something interesting to stay. The video is a 9, the song: (6)

The Pipettes-Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me (pictured above)
Seriously, when have you ever heard a song where cheerleader chants, organs and guitars didn't work?

Prince-Black Sweat
Warning: Track may not cause you to a holler like a white girl but may cause serious dehydration and sunburn. When you finally think that Prince has stepped into the 21st century, he goes all Minn. funk on the chorus just to remind us all who the fuck he is. (7)

Mark Ronson F/ Phantom Planet-Just
I swear to you guys, even though this is one of my top 5 Radiohead songs, I approached this cover as objectively as I could. It's just a damn good recording.

T-Pain F/ Mike Jones-I'm In Luv With A Strippa
I admire T-Pain's honesty. First he was sprung, and now he's in love with a stripper. He gets points for interesting content, but that's really the only thing interesting about this song, which is sorely lacking in replayability. (5)

Sean Paul-Temperature
I actually feel sorry for Sean Paul. He releases two of the greatest singles of 2003 and possibly the decade ("Get Busy" and "Like Glue"), so everything afterwards is gonna pale in comparison. The Trinity won't do Dutty Rock numbers, but that's hard to grasp when the singles are this blazing.

The Sounds-Song With A Mission
More proof that Sweden will make any feeble attempt at American music look weak. Their sound hasn't changed much since Living In America, but lest you forget, Living In America kicked ass.

Three 6 Mafia-Popping My Collar
Worthy follow-up to the amazingly hot "Stay Fly." The rest of the album isn't as soul-infused as the singles would have you believe, but they've always made great music, so don't be alarmed. (8)

The Veronicas-Everything I'm Not
I wouldn't judge any heterosexual males who sing along to this song in the mirror while using their brush as a microphone. This is your one free pass. But if you're singing along to one of those tuneless Hilary Duff tracks...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Gold Lion
I'm not quite ready to see YYY give up their brash approach to guitar and drums, but if Show Your Bones does end up going all Zoso , this gives me little reason to complain. (8)

Yellowcard-Lights And Sounds
Call me a meth addict or whatever, but I actually like this one more than "Ocean Avenue" (which I can barely remember). That soaring chorus means they're trying. I'm a guy who appreciates effort. (7)

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