Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Concretes - In Colour

Don't look so glum. The new Concretes album isn't as good their self-titled debut, but that album was amazing, so it would be difficult for anyone to produce an equal follow up. I'm sure you probably miss the hazy overtones of the production and the unique combination of the Velvet Underground's minimalism and The Supremes' bursting choruses that took the songs to delightful heights. At first listen, In Colour seems like another bland and unimaginative indie pop release because of the absence of said hazy production, but the real strong suit of The Concretes is still there: the songs, silly. In Colour may feel less dream-like than its predeccessor, but it's still worth the time of any melody addict looking for a soundtrack to the spring season. "Tomorrow" is the one track that reminds me the most of their 2004 album and further proves that if the original songwriting thing doesn't work out, they could very well have a future as the greatest Mazzy Star cover band to ever grace this universe.

The Concretes-Tomorrow

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