Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Summer in Pictures 2008

For a complete picture (no pun intended) of my summer, go here and here.

Los Campesinos!: Empty Bottle: May, 26, 2008

Why some kids in the front started a mini-mosh pit, I don't know. I was conflicted by it for two reasons:

1.) Los Campesinos! is so far away from moshing music that it irked me a bit. Wrong concert, goofballs.

2.) Being bounced around to "Do The Math(s)" is actually more fun than you would think.

Do-Division Street Fest: June 1, 2008

Gil Mantera's Party Dream

With each layer of clothing that was removed, it only seemed to heighten the show. Also, some of the funniest stage banter I've ever heard. "We need to bring back the old Arby's. Not this new shit they got now. Remember when Arby's used to be good?"

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

The man was solid as always, and he also treated us to a few new songs.

Jarvis Cocker: Pitchfork Music Festival: July 19, 2008

Probably the closest I'll ever get to Pulp in person. I wish I had more memory at this point because this guy was a ball of charisma and wit. Nearly every move was flashworthy.

Completely random, but here's a car I saw on Columbus Drive on the way to the Jill Scott concert. The couple inside were dressed as if they were from the same era as well.

Mucca Pazza: Bash on Wabash Fest: August 30, 2008

This was actually my second time seeing them this summer. It was cool outside and I thought the crowd would be larger, but it actually worked to their advantage since it gave some of the members plenty of room to move around whenever they jumped off stage. Ooh, and I also waltzed with one of the cheerleaders. And to think I almost wasn't going to go.

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