Friday, January 09, 2015

Top 250 Singles of 2014

As the years go on, this list has become more agonizing to sift through because of the amount of great stuff that's out there. I won't complain though. The time and effort that goes into this makes me feel good about songs even in the lower reaches of the list, and that's a feeling that increases with each year. So yes, it's definitely worth it. As usual, I've included a Spotify playlist and for the tracks that weren't available there, I used Soundcloud to compile them (those songs will have a * next to them). Both playlists are also embedded at the bottom. For songs that couldn't be found on either, I just simply included a hyperlink to where you can listen (designated with a ^). If you haven't yet, check out my albums list as well. Hope you find something new that you'll enjoy!

1. FKA twigs - Two Weeks

The past couple of years in music have seen an increasing fascination with the spaced-out, drum heavy sounds of mid to late-90s R&B to much acclaim. One has to wonder where the critical adoration has been all this time and why it took a touch of the fringe to make it palatable and hip (i.e. Banks, The Weeknd, How To Dress Well, etc.). FKA twigs' career has definitely benefited from this growing trend, but with all the comparisons to experimental artists like Björk and James Blake, make no mistake about it; "Two Weeks" is a pure R&B record. Once upon a time, turntable scratches and Auto-Tune were alien to rhythm and blues, so don't let the screwed vocals that pop up throughout deter from classifying it as such. If anything, they add to the atmosphere, which is probably one of the most sensual to come down the pipeline in a year or two. That uneasy tension is likely what twigs wants. For the audience to be kept off guard, to be lulled away from their equilibrium leaving themselves susceptible, until finally, she coos in a voice dripping with confidence and candle wax, "Give me two weeks/you won't recognize her." You're left helpless, she's in full control and more than likely, you're regretfully enjoying every minute of it. What genre besides R&B is more notorious for moves like that?

2. GFOTY - Don't Wanna/Let's Do It*

Seemingly crafted from the darkest crevices of the worst hallucinogenic trip known to mankind, GFOTY's "Don't Wanna/Let's Do It" exists in a world completely of its own. In a terrific year for the PC Music crew, this was the track that stood out the most, mainly for how nonsensical it was. Other members of the British collective, such as Sophie and A.G. Cook, have a way of testing the boundaries of music that border between grating and charming, depending on where your taste lies. "Don't Wanna/Let's Do It" is both familiar and foreign at the same time, using a lot of the trademarks found in pop and R&B, but it eventually flies off the rails and into the ocean, and then back out of the water and over the moon. With warped ping-ponging vocal effects that flirted with schizophrenia and a bare-bones beat that linked back to grime's earlier days, the rule book may have been disregarded, but that's usually when the most fun happens.

3. Shamir - If It Wasn't True

There's a fragility in 20 year-old Shamir Bailey's voice that I'm constantly drawn to. It's unknowingly vulnerable and the lack of polish gives it a kindred quality comparable to many of the journal entries written by young adults across the world daily. Given the minimal nu-disco stylings of the song, ESG is a comparison that often comes to mind. Without a pure grasp of technical quality, the Scroggins sisters provided some of the most innovative music of their time based on will and imagination. I'm not saying that Shamir is reinventing the wheel here. After all, "If It Wasn't True" certainly recalls the heyday of DFA Records during the early '00s, which producer Nick Sylvester covered as a music critic back then, but I definitely get that same sense of wonderment that ESG possessed. It's the kind of wide-eyed enthusiasm that's spent countless hours practicing in the bathroom mirror and when given enough room to cultivate, it can be as addictive a listen as we have here.

4. Usher - Good Kisser

As soon as that flirtatious bass line hits, it becomes a matter of inevitability that hips will be massaged and lips will wander. Usher has taken us to the bedroom before, but never with as much raw sexuality as seen here. Not to take anything away from "That's What It's Made For" or "Nice & Slow," but "Good Kisser" is a less polite approach that relies more on virility than charm. He's always been the handsome prince that could make crowds swoon with the flash of a smile and a well-timed spin move, but it's when we hear Usher's seldom-used lower register that we're enlightened to a different kind of desire. How "Good Kisser" failed to rise up the charts has been one of the most baffling questions of the year. The closest answer I could come up with is that maybe America wasn't ready for Usher to ditch the handsome prince persona just yet, that perhaps it felt like a ploy for attention to more traditional R&B fans for him to be so overt. Whatever the reason, if the national birth rate sees a decrease in 2015, we only have our musical taste to blame.

5. Redinho - Playing With Fire

The technology of the 21st century is an amazing thing. The living room dreams spawned from watching videos on BET and MTV can be easily achieved by just about anyone with a laptop and a few keyboards. Much like the DIY ethos that made its mark on rock in countless garages and basements, R&B is finally getting that treatment and it's exciting. As much as we appreciate our gyrating, six-pack blessed, velvet-voiced Romeos, there is now room for those that may not quite match up as a physical specimen, but have a mind filled with creative ideas that are equally deserving of being heard. Redinho's "Playing With Fire" is certainly a throwback to the late '90s, yet it's pure 21st century in its heavy reliance on a thundering trap beat and a talkbox to help cast away any comparisons to the Ushers and the Ginuwines of yesteryear. It's a terrific foundation that makes the most of the tools of the future and would have been unimaginable 15 or so years ago. Once upon a time, Lou Reed wanted to drive along in his automobile with no particular place to go. Kurt Cobain wanted someone to want him and needed him to need him. Count me as looking forward to someone hoping to be a bachelor looking for a partner.

6. TiRon & Ayomari feat. Anderson .Paak - My Supernova

Love that inspires comparisons to outer space is often reliable territory for a musician to explore. The expansiveness of the galaxy is ripe with apt metaphors and similes to describe an infatuation that simply cannot be contained on Earth, and with the right production, a sci-fi atmosphere could strike just the appropriate tone. TiRon & Ayomari's "My Supernova" plays by those rules, although it feels a bit more grounded. The simplicity here in the spacing of the instruments reminds us that the galaxy, for all its wondrous sights and vastness is actually a pretty quiet place. Most listens of "My Supernova," for me, felt like I was ascending towards something without ever reaching there, as if I were floating, which was helped largely due to the stripped down nature of the music. That understanding of outer space affected the soul more than the imagination and when sincerity is added to the equation, shooting stars fly right in front of you without ever having heard a description.

7. Paramore - Ain't It Fun

According to my count, Paramore has cracked my year-end singles list nine times, yet I don't think I understood the true pop potential of lead singer Hayley Williams until "Ain't It Fun." Sure, Zedd's "Stay The Night" was solid and the pop part of their pop-punk days alerted me to Williams' talent, but when armed with a fanciful take on 1980s funk and a choir, she officially served noticed to Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift and Pink to make room at the table. With teenage angst in the rear view and the departure of the Farro brothers, Paramore was allowed to enter an alternate universe where they were allowed to unite the masses and Hayley belted as much as she wailed. They've been a special band for a while (nine times, people!!), so it's not a surprise that they could come up with something as catchy as "Ain't It Fun," but that they could credibly make you shake parts of your body they weren't capable of doing before is.

8. Moses Sumney - Man On The Moon

There are spots here where Moses Sumney's vocals are hard to decipher, as if he were a ghost wandering around a room for an unsuspecting audience that will listen. With all the talk of bodies leaving souls, it's a fitting artistic choice to go with and what helps make "Man On The Moon" so magical. Buried underneath the mystique is a man that sounds lost, but hopeful, that he will find peace somewhere. That solitude is conveyed through an abstract folk lens and a ominous guitar that sounds as if it were played at the bottom of a deep dark well. Through all the murkiness and the void, it's still Sumney that cuts through with warmth, and ultimately, beauty.

9. Sia - Chandelier

The pyrotechnics on display for the chorus of "Chandelier" provided more than just the usual jolt. When taking into account Sia's past battles with alcoholism and drug addiction, that cry for help transformed into a deep desperation that only those who have been 20 feet from falling to their deaths have experienced. It's with that strong plea and Sia's soaring vocals that "Chandelier" became not only one of the most memorable songs of the year, but also one of its darkest. She bared all, not just because that's the sort of firepower top 40 radio required, but because there's no other option when one can feel their grip fading.

10. Phantogram - Fall In Love

The most effective poisons are the kind that remain concealed until it's too late and the recipient has met their fate. "Fall In Love" operates in the same way. Vocalist Sarah Barthel sings of a relationship where she has done nothing but cause harm, only to find the other person fall in love, much to their disadvantage. There is no spite, nor any amusement to be found in Barthel's voice and on the surface the tone is far from regretful. The bad news goes down sweetly and without alarm thanks to a buzzing keyboard riff and a chorus that suppress the drama in its first half only to light up with electric fervor in its second. Phantogram gave us a warning filled with violent imagery, but we were too busy ingesting the sweetness of the track before we realized that our hearts were aching.

11. Beyoncé - ***Flawless
12. Dreamtrak - Contemporary
Dark alley synths with one of the nicest builds of the year.
13. Jay Electronica feat. LaTonya Givens - Better In Tune With The Infinite*
Cinematic, not just because of the Wizard of Oz clip, but in how it's captivating with just strings and a piano.
14. Bas feat. J. Cole - My N***a Just Made Bail
The sound of early summer barbecues and Remy. Also includes one of Cole's best verses of the year.
15. Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck*
And the award for best hip house song of 2014 goes to Azeal-...wait, hold on a second here...
16. Future feat. Pusha T & Pharrell - Move That Dope
I love this little reminder by Pharrell that simply states, "Don't think that just because I did 'Happy' I forgot how to flow."
17. Beverly - Honey Do
When the harmonies kick in and the guitars get crunchier on the chorus, it becomes one of the most magical moments of 1993 2014.
18. Kimbra - 90s Music
Deliriously defies pop music conventions with kitchen sink gusto.
19. Honeyblood - Super Rat
The delivery of the line "You are the smartest rat in the sewer" is sarcasm done blissfully.
20. Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good
First listen: Oh, it just sounds like a Thriller leftover. Second listen: BRO, IT SOUNDS LIKE A THRILLER LEFTOVER!
21. One Direction - Steal My Girl
Death isn't at stake here, but there's a metric ton worth of adolescent devotion that makes you feel otherwise.
22. Lauryn Hill - Black Rage*
As raw, soulful and eye-opening as anything she's done in her career.
23. Kate Tempest - Marshall Law
Highly detailed and observant account of a night out on the British club scene.
24. Ages & Ages - Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Of course the most uplifting song of the year would be the easiest to sing along to.
25. Jessie Ware - Tough Love
She tried on Prince's heels in the mirror for only a second. He walked in on her, looked her up and down in shock, frantically stormed back out and burst into tears.
26. Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
Chicago drill sound gets a glossy makeover.
27. Becky G - Shower
An absolute sweetheart that believes in hygiene? I'm totally on board for this.
28. Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone
My go-to phrase when someone unnecessarily invades my space at a concert, so for that I'm grateful.
29. Lone - 2 Is 8
Boom bap with a taste of the ambient.
30. JUCE - Burning Up
Play this pop-disco joint outdoors and a block party will form instantly.
31. Gorgon City feat. MNEK - Ready For Your Love
Deeper than that bass drop is the longing for monogamy on display.
32. Pharrell Williams - It Girl
A honeyed slice of lite funk and palm trees that pays tribute to the woman of Pharrell's dreams.
33. YACHT - Plastic Soul
A warm, electric soundtrack for the young, privileged, and detached.
34. Kaytranada feat. Shay Lia - Leave Me Alone
Slow-burning, heavy-hitting deep house with a tribal feel.
35. Denitia & Sene - Runnin'*
Sparse in sound, abundant in emotion.
36. St. Vincent - Digital Witness
How depressed is David Byrne she didn't save this one for their album?
37. Coldplay - Magic
One of their finest moments post-A Rush Of Blood and probably their best foray outside of the rock sound they gained fame from.
38. Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me
Doing more than anyone right now to bring ballads into the 2010s.
39. Go Home Productions - Prototype U.S.S.R.^
Mashes up Outkast's "Prototype" and The Beatles' "Back In The U.S.S.R." into something that resembles modern R&B.
40. T.I. feat. Pharrell - Paperwork
Grizzled hustler reminisces over life in the back booth of a blues bar.
41. Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem - Calm Down

42. Painted Palms - Forever
The chorus swirls around in a vapor of psychedelia and chillwave that borders on illegal.
43. QT - Hey QT^
PC Music provides spastic smiles to all the kids.
44. Yemi Marie feat. Dlow - Love Bop
Bop basement party meets the roller rink.
45. DJ Snake feat. Lil' Jon - Turn Down For What
It pummels you with the power of a hundred cinder blocks and uplifts with the adrenaline of a tent revival.
46. Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
As far as structure and arrangement, it's one of the simplest big hits we've had in a while. There's something incredibly endearing about that.
47. Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me
Yearning and distortion pedals you can slow dance to.
48. Taylor Swift - Blank Space^
Meghan: "Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that."
Taylor: "Oh, word? Lemme go into this studio real quick and record an awesome song THAT HAS NO BASS AT ALL."
49. Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch Me
Futuristic fusion jazz for a totally game Kendrick.
50. KING - Mister Chameleon
Donnie Simpson is scratching his head in disbelief somewhere that he never introduced this song.
51. AIMES - Time For Us
Last call is done at the club. You step out onto the sands of the beach and see the sun rising over the ocean. This is the first song that plays.
52. Azealia Banks - Chasing Time
The point where most of us went, "Oh hey, I think she should sing more often."
53. Mr Twin Sister - In The House Of Yes
Atmospheric trip to the dance floor that circles around chill-out but provides rising tension.
54. Kimbra - Miracle
Definitely some Prince inflections in the vocals, then it turns into a weird and glossy take on disco for the chorus before handing over the reins to Thundercat.
55. Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)
Deny this man his passion and he might very well die.
56. Beyoncé - XO
It's like being caressed by clouds and soaring through fireworks of a hundred different colors, all while your loved ones are cheering you on.
57. Tielsie - Palette*
A padded room of pitched vocals, sirens and aggressive synth stabs that may incite giddiness and delirium.
58. Alice Russell - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
The sultry factor went up significantly once Alice took hold of this Connan Mockasin song, as if it were the meat and bones the record had been clamoring for all this time.
59. Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Roche - Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)
An incendiary, propulsive ass-kicking machine that is sick and tired of America's crap.
60. St. Vincent - Prince Johnny
Annie Saves, He Bends.
61. Beyoncé - Partition
Just going to sit here with this hat over my lap for a few minutes more if that's okay with you.
62. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
My brain tells me I should hate this because of how derivative it is, but here it is in the top 100. Take that, brain!
63. Kendrick Lamar - i
An inspiring anthem that cuts with the clarity of someone who understands radio.
64. Dierks Bentley - Drunk On A Plane
Sometimes I feel guilty enjoying such a joyful chorus since the groom in the song was jilted and all, but if he can let it go, next round's on me.
65. Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady
D.C. go-go in the hands of one our most trusted chameleons.
66. Courtney Barnett - Pickles From The Jar
Senseless riffing over a rockabilly riff.
67. Jhené Aiko - The Pressure
Hazy R&B for contemplative late night drives.
68. The Dø - Lick My Wounds
The kind of dazzling synth pop that shatters your heart into a hundred pieces
69 Kaela Sinclair - Stranger
I adore how delicate the vocals and keys feel at times, even as she sings of a deteriorating relationship.
70. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off^
You're either with us or against us.
71. Jose James - U R The 1
Panties to the side, please.
72. The New Pornographers - Dancehall Domine
Indie pop's favorite Superfriends get out their kicks, ELO and Cars style.
73. Mason feat. Lizzie Massey - Someone I'm Not
Self-help guide that could have easily been on an early volume of MTV's Party To Go.
74. Yemi Alade feat. Selebobo - Tangerine
Nigeria is producing some of the sunniest pop music the rest of the world has yet to catch up to. This was my favorite from the country this year.
75. Ty Segall - Manipulator^
Dad tested. Hipster approved.
76. Cibo Matto - Déjà Vu
Liquid quirkiness from a duo that has their own chapter in the book of eclecticism.
77. Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked
Those piano keys are practically dripping with the blood of murder and remorse.
78. Shamir - On The Regular
Dancefloor goofiness delivered with a knowing smirk and playful attitude.
79. New York Endless - Scale Those Heights*
Kraftwerk visited an Italian discotheque and this is what happened.
80. Niia - Body
Despite being told Sade was not available for a studio session, young Robin Hannibal would not be deterred...
81. Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel
Pharrell helps Kylie get in touch with her inner Vanity 6.
82. Skrillex feat. Diplo, G-Dragon & CL - Dirty Vibe
A jittery, unhinged chimera of K-rap, trap and dubstep.
83. DeJ Loaf - Try Me
Pint-sized voice brings the fury of the streets.
84. Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams
Smoldering, subtle take on Stax soul.
85. Denitia and Sene - Side FX*
Synthesizers and guitars smeared in black eyeliner coupled with a soulful approach.
86. Jessica Pratt - Back, Baby
Could easily be mistaken as a lost relic from the British folk scene of the 1960s.
87. Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica
Definitely worthy of being included among the best space age Dirty South songs.
88. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Crushin'
Soft, squealing guitar solos and an aura of tenderness.
89. Girl Talk & Freeway feat. Waka Flocka Flame - Tolerated
How rude!
90. Brass Bed - Be Anything
Garage stomper that finds middle ground between psychedelia and '90s alternative power pop.
91. Hundred Waters - Murmurs
Florence + The Cocteau Twins.
92. Vince Staples feat. James Fauntleroy - Nate*
Rugged, reflective track from hip hop's next big thing.
93. Pearls Negras - Pensando em Você*
Pounding Brazilian dance pop that wouldn't be out of a place on a Mad Decent release.
94. Strand Of Oaks - Goshen '97*
When You Wish Upon A Big Star.
95. Christine and The Queens - Saint Claude*
Your 2014 addition to that nocturnal playlist you're always working on.
96. Tink feat. Charlamagne Tha God - Around The Clock
Young Chicago rapper/singer shows an almost scary chemistry with Timbaland on her national debut.
97. Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys
She certainly has a way with making even the dustiest of sounds feel bright, no?
98. Mary J. Blige - Right Now
The most contemporary she's sounded since she declared that there be no hateration in this dancery.
99. Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn - Out Of The Black
Swedish pop royalty strips away the catchiness and piles on the eccentricity.
100. Javiera Mena - Otra Era
You can see rainbows seeping out of the disco balls once the piano hits.

101. ceo - Whorehouse
102. Spoon - Do You
103. Princess Nokia - Dragons*
104. Toddla T Sound - Acid
105. 2NE1 - Come Back Home
106. Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal - Feel Right
107. Drake - 0 To 100/The Catch
108. Saint Pepsi - Mr. Wonderful*
109. School of Language - Dress Up
110. Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame
111. Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
112. Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp
113. Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z - Drunk In Love
114. Katy B - Crying For No Reason
115. Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
116. Somi - Last Song
117. Pharrell Williams - Gust Of Wind
118. Broods - Mother & Father
119. HyunA - Red
120. DJ Quik - Pet Semetary
121. Lil' B - No Black Person Is Ugly^
122. BABYMETAL - Gimme Chocolate!!
123. Common feat. Vince Staples & Jay Electronica - Kingdom (Remix)*
124. f(x) - Red Light
125. Gyptian - Stunta*
126. Ximena Sariñana - Sin Ti No Puede Estar Tan Mal
127. Posse - Shut Up
128. Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
129. 15& - Sugar*
130. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition of Passing)
131. Miranda Lambert feat. Carrie Underwood - Somethin' Bad
132. Tkay Maidza - U-Huh
133. Yemi Alade - Kissing
134. Katy Perry - Birthday
135. Spoon - Inside Out
136. Ex Hex - Hot and Cold
137. tUnE-yArDs - Water Fountain
138. Junglepussy - Nah*
139. Vaults - Premonitions
140. Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover
141. Exo - Overdose
142. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Deeper
143. Matilda Thompson - What We Do
144. Le Butcherettes - Demon Stuck In Your Eye
145. Lushes - Dead Girls
146. 18+ - Crow
147. Lana Del Rey - West Coast
148. King Tuff - Eyes Of The Muse
149. Ibeyi - Oya
150. Sophie - Lemonade
151. Rustie - Raptor
152. Jazmine Sullivan - Mascara
153. Real Lies - North Circular
154. Ought - Habit
155. Broncho - Class Historian
156. iLoveMakonnen feat. Drake - Tuesday
157. Teebs feat. Jonti - Holiday
158. Nick Hakim - Cold
159. Kylie Minogue - Sexercize
160. Jack White - Lazaretto
161. Vince Staples - Blue Suede
162. Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island - Everything is AWESOME!!!
163. La Roux - Uptight Downtown
164. Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants
165. One Direction - Midnight Memories
166. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd - Break Free
167. Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song
168. PRhyme - Courtesy
169. Lil' Wayne - D'usse*
170. Real Estate - Had To Hear
171. FKA twigs - Video Girl
172. Grouper - Holding
173. Mick Jenkins - Rain*
174. Sam Smith - Stay With Me
175. Ghostface Killah feat. Kandace Springs - Love Don't Live Here No More
176. Saint Pepsi - Fall Harder
177. Tyga feat. Game - From LA to Chi-raq*
178. Robyn & Röyksopp - Do It Again
179. Damani Nkosi - On My Way To Inglewood
180. Ariel Pink - Picture Me Gone
181. First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining
182. Homeboy Sandman feat. J-Live & Kurious - Enough
183. The War On Drugs - Red Eyes
184. Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up
185. Yo Gotti feat. Rich Homie Quan - I Know
186. Chumped - Hot 97 Summer Jam
187. Sturgill Simpson - Turtles All The Way Down
188. Perfume Genius - Queen
189. Betty Black - Fatality Of Love
190. The Griswolds - Beware the Dog
191. Mason feat. Rouge Mary - Gotta Have You Back
192. Javiera Mena - La Joya
193. Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night Pt. 1
194. Silk Rhodes - Realtime
195. Ex Hex - Waterfall
196. Pusha T - Lunch Money
197. Akdong Musician - 200%
198. Future feat. Kanye West - I Won
199. Oozing Wound - Going Through The Motions Till I Die
200. Sylvan Esso - Coffee
201. Bart Davenport - Wearing The Changes
202. Ed Sheeran - Don't
203. The Barberettes - Little Gals^
204. Charli XCX - Boom Clap
205. Saint Saviour - Let It Go
206. Seo Taiji feat. IU - Sogyeokdong^
207. Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne - Rather Be
208. T.I. feat. Young Thug - About The Money
209. Slim Twig - Heavy Splendour
210. Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
211. Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne
212. The Muffs - Up Down and Around
213. Kelis - Rumble
214. Snakehips feat. Sinead Hartnett - Days With You
215. Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana - I Luh Ya Papi
216. Sofi de la Torre - Vermillion
217. Twin Peaks - I Found A New Way
218. Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
219. James Blake - 200 Press
220. The Roots feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn - Understand
221. Damani Nkosi - Through Me
222. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame
223. Ana Tijoux feat. Shandia Mansour - Somos Sur
224. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - The Company Men
225. Braid - Bang
226. Prince - This Could Be Us
227. Bob Mould - I Don't Know You Anymore
228. Sondre Lerche - Bad Law
229. Open Mike Eagle - Qualifiers
230. Deerhoof - Paradise Girls
231. YG feat. Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock - I Just Wanna Party
232. The Cold Beat - Mirror
233. Shakira - Empire
234. JUCE - Call You Out
235. La Sera - Losing To The Dark
236. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Don't Stop
237. Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q - 2 On
238. Kandace Springs - West Coast
239. Galimatias & Sorrow - Subside*
240. Danity Kane feat. Tyga - Lemonade
241. Warpaint - Disco/very
242. Gardens & Villa - Domino
243. The Preatures - Two Tone Melody
244. ExGF - Idle Hands
245. Kelela - The High*
246. OG Maco feat. 2 Chainz - U Guessed It
247. SD - Circles
248. Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part Of Me
249. Miranda Lambert - Automatic
250. Broods - Pretty Thing

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