Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recent interviews on Noteworthy: Alice Smith, Adeline Michele of Escort, Speedy Ortiz & more

Back here again to share some interviews I did on Noteworthy. If you want to listen to the show live, you can do so every Monday from 6PM-8PM CST at http://uicradio.org. There's even an app you can download for your mobile device as well on that site. Here's what I've put in the vault since my last round-up.

Adeline Michele of Escort
One of the things that I didn't take into account was the amount of bands on the concert bill for that night. What that meant was that there was nary a quiet spot to be found at Metro, so portions of this interview with Adeline was recorded on a stairwell. It was slightly chaotic, but it felt fun because it made us feel like little kids.

"Came Out Of A Lady" is such a well-crafted pop tune and it's not very often that you find folks with jazz backgrounds able to create something that catchy. We discussed a bit about what it was like to transition from a world of theory to one of modern songwriting.

Cloud Control
I was fighting off a cold, which is why my voice sounded extra seasoned here. One of my favorite things to do when interviewing a band is to ask them a fun question to begin with. For me, it helps to distinguish the different personalities as a listener. Cloud Control was pretty game when the topic of Harry Potter movies came up and I think that helped to set the tone for the rest of the interview.

The Range
I was still kind of recovering on this one as well (although I'll never admit to being fully sick). Overall, he was pretty excited to talk about his creative process and I feel like with electronic artists, there's always so much more to delve into than the time I usually allow for interviews. If you listen to the songs, there's all kinds of things one could explore as far as moods and certain techniques.

Speedy Ortiz
The whole Speedy Ortiz aesthetic is very loose and not prone to taking itself too seriously. With that in mind, it made perfect sense for this interview to feel like I was eavesdropping on a conversation between friends at times.

Alice Smith
Although it doesn't come until towards the end, if you want to get a good sense of Alice's playful side, you should check out how she heckles Gary Clark Jr. Also, it didn't hit me until I was listening back to the interview, but when we were talking about '90s alternative music, she gave the description for Live's "Lightning Crashes," a video I had seen countless times. I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't get it while recording.

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