Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Recent interviews on Noteworthy: Jessy Lanza, Cate Le Bon, B Boys & more

We're past the midway point of the year, so I thought I'd take a look back at all the interviews I've done so far in 2016 for my radio show Noteworthy. You can always listen live every Monday at from 6PM-8PM CT and check out my past interviews on Soundcloud.

Cate Le Bon
Apologies for any swinging door background noises you come across. It's the easiest way to tell that I'm doing an interview in the basement of Schuba's. I also revealed during this interview that I had never listened to any Faust before. Please don't take away my cool kid card.

Jessy Lanza
I was actually supposed to interview Jessy a few years back, but a train delay prevented me from meeting up with her. As luck would have it, when I finally got her on the phone in April, we had to do the interview a second time as our first go-around didn't record. The universe was determined to see this one through despite the obstacles. Cherish this.

B Boys
I had the honor of being the very first radio interview for this Brooklyn post-punk outfit. I also have them to thank for turning me on to The Necessaries' "More Real," which has become a favorite of mine the past few months.

I usually try to keep the topic to music, but we eventually jumped on conformity and society. This is what happens you get a poli-sci and English major together for ten minutes.

Cross Record
This husband/wife Austin duo used to live in Chicago and we discussed the good and bad of relocating. Their latest album, Wabi Sabi, is mostly ambient and experimental rock, but they can appreciate the production value of a Rihanna record. As most people should.

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